Various changes to Janus Henderson Capital Funds

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Various changes to Janus Henderson Capital Funds

We have been notified by Janus Henderson Capital Funds PLC (the “Company”) of the following upcoming changes to its sub-funds listed in the table below. The changes will take effect from 31 October 2022 (the “Effective Date”).


The below Affected Funds feature in our defined fund range products listed opposite.


ISINFund Name (the "Affected Funds 1-4)
IE0009355771Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences A Acc USD (the “Affected Fund 1”) 
IE00BF2GM042Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences A Hedged Acc AUD (the “Affected Fund 2”) 
IE0002122038Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences A Hedged Acc EUR (the “Affected Fund 3”) 
IE0004445239Janus Henderson US Forty A USD (the “Affected Fund 4”) 




Clarification relating to investments into Special Purpose Acquisition Companies ("SPACs")

From the Effective Date, the supplements for the Affected Funds will be updated to clarify that they may invest in SPACs that qualify as transferable securities. The Affected Funds 1-3 may invest up to 10% of its net asset value in SPACs and the Affected Fund 4 may invest up to 5% of its net asset value in SPACs.


Please refer to the Janus Henderson Capital Funds Notification opposite for further information in relation to SPACs and the risks associated with investing in SPACs.


Introduction of Janus Henderson Investors' Firmwide Exclusions Policy

The Company has advised that from the Effective Date, it intends to adopt a firmwide exclusions policy on the Affected Funds 1-4 which applies to all investment decisions made by the Investment Manager.  It will introduce the application of exclusionary screens to avoid investment in entities involved in the current manufacture of, or minority shareholding of 20% or greater in a manufacturer of controversial weapons, namely: (i) cluster munitions; (ii) anti-personnel mines; (iii) chemical weapons; (iv) biological weapons.




All of the above Affected Funds can be accessed through our portfolio bonds. For all changes made by Janus Henderson Capital Funds PLC, please refer to the notification opposite.