Change of Name of Janus Henderson Global Equity Fund

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Change of Name of Janus Henderson Global Equity Fund

We have received notification from Janus Henderson Investors (the “Company”) that it will be changing the name of its Janus Henderson Global Equity Fund (the “Fund”). The Company is also making amendments to the Fund's investment strategy and sustainability approach. These changes will take effect on 29 November 2023 (the “Effective Date”).


The Fund, in three currency variants, can be found in our defined fund range products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum (including Malaysia variants), Regular Savings Plan (including Malaysia variants), Kudos, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle and Preference.



The investment strategy of the Fund will be amended to a more selective approach, focused on identifying investee companies with strong of improving cash flow. The investment team believe this more selective approach to choosing investment that represent the best opportunities for outperformance will aim to deliver higher returns for Shareholders.


From the Effective Date, to reflect the revised investment approach and to align with the new investment philosophy, amendments will also be made to the Fund's environmental and social characteristics, as defined under Article 8 of SFDR. The exact changes are outlined in Appendix B of the shareholder notice opposite.


Following a strategic review of the Fund by the Investment Manager, the Company has decided to make refinements to the Fund to better reflect the current views of the investment team and improve its opportunities for future performance and growth. From the Effective date the name of the Fund will change to the Janus Henderson Fund - Global Select Fund to reflect the revised investment approach. In line with this, we will amend the Fund name across the three currencies as follows:


ISINExisting Fund NameNew Fund Name
LU0200076213Janus Henderson Global Equity A2 Acc EURJanus Henderson Global Select A2 Acc EUR
LU0200077294Janus Henderson Global Equity A2 Acc GBPJanus Henderson Global Select A2 Acc GBP
LU0200076999Janus Henderson Global Equity A2 Acc USDJanus Henderson Global Select A2 Acc USD


These amendments are not expected to result in any significant change to the way in which the Fund is currently managed or its risk profile. Please refer to the Janus Henderson Notification opposite where you will find all details of the changes.




The Fund, in various share classes and currencies, can be accessed through our portfolio bonds and will also be subject to the changes.


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