Notification of Investment Policy Changes for Jupiter Dynamic Bond Fund

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Notification of Investment Policy Changes for Jupiter Dynamic Bond Fund

The Jupiter Global Fund (the “Company”) have notified us of an amendment to the investment policy of their Jupiter Dynamic Bond Fund (the “Fund”). This change will take effect from 2 August 2023 (the “Effective Date”)



The Fund can be found in our defined fund range products Oracle, Quantum (including Malaysia variants), Paragon, Regular Savings Plan (including Malaysia variants), LifePlan (including Lebanon variants), Kudos and Protected Lifestyle (including Lebanon variants):




Currently, the investment policy of the Fund allows the fund manager to enter into derivative transactions for efficient portfolio management purposes. From the Effective Date the Fund may begin to invest in financial derivative instruments for hedging and investment purposes, in addition to efficient portfolio management.


From the Effective Date, the Fund may also make use of total return swaps to provide exposure on a total return basis to an underlying reference investment.


Fund NameISIN
Jupiter Dynamic Bond L AUD Hdg AccLU1074970481
Jupiter Dynamic Bond L CHF Hdg AccLU0853555620
Jupiter Dynamic Bond L EUR AccLU0853555380
Jupiter Dynamic Bond L GBP Hdg AccLU0853555547
Jupiter Dynamic Bond L USD Hdg AccLU0853555463


Please refer to the official shareholder notification from The Jupiter Global Fund opposite for full details of the investment policy changes.


For more information regarding The Jupiter Global Fund, please visit: