Reopening of the Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund

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Reopening of the Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund

We have received notification from Fidelity Funds (the “Company”) of  the reopening of their Asian High Yield Fund (the "Fund") which came into effect on 24 February 2023 ("Effective Date")



The Fund, in its currency variants detailed below, can be found in our defined fund range products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum and Regular Savings Plan (including Malaysia variants) and LifePlan:



Fund NameISIN
Fidelity Asian High Yield A EUR AccLU0286668453
Fidelity Asian High Yield A USD AccLU0286668966





The Company stopped accepting new client subscriptions in September 2016. Their aim was to ensure that fund capacity was maintained at a level that supports the Company's aims of continuing to deliver the funds' risk and income profile, maintaining liquidity and protecting existing investors interests while ensuring the funds could remain open for existing clients.


The Company have informed us that as of the Effective Date, they have suspended their capacity management controls to allow the Fund to be reopened to existing and new investors. 



Please refer to the Fidelity Funds Notification attached for further information.