Exciting new PIMS features

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Exciting new PIMS features

We have added some exciting new features to our Personal Investment Management Service (PIMS) product.


  • We have reduced the minimum premium for GBP to £45,000. This change makes PIMS more accessible to Sterling investors and has been incorporated into our online illustration system with immediate effect. The minimum premium for other currencies are unchanged and are published in the Product Guide.
  • We have increased the maximum number of segments to 999. This allows plan owners more flexibility when distributing assets or when assigning wealth to family members. Increasing the number of segments can provide more opportunities for intergenerational planning by allowing a plan to be segmented into smaller amounts.
  • We have introduced the facility to appoint a discretionary manager on a partial basis. This means it is possible to appoint a Discretionary Manager (DM) and an Investment Adviser (IA) to aid with the asset selection process and to provide greater flexibility. It also allows different investment mandates to operate on the same plan at the same time and allows a payment to both the DM and the appointed IA where required.
  • We will now allow a plan owner to reinvest a previously taken withdrawal back into their policy, without incurring additional establishment charges.


Amended literature with these changes incorporated is now available.