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Plan view

Both you and your clients can track plans using our comprehensive plan view screens.

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See what we see, see what your client sees

Once you have clicked on a plan from the adviser dashboard, you'll be transported to the plan view screen which is broken down into a number of different sections. These sections should provide you with everything you need to keep track of a plan, and are virtually identical to those your client can access.

Click on the headings in red below to reveal more details about the individual sections available. Simply click on any of the images to enlarge them.

Plan summary

Performance indicator

At the top right-hand side of the screen you'll see a plan value, and how that value compares to the payments paid. If withdrawals have been taken, we'll factor them into the calculation too.

Current holdings split

This area provides you with at-a-glance holdings information. What you see will change depending on the type of plan you are viewing.

For guided-architecture products you will see the following style of holdings summary.


For portfolio bond plans you will see this style of holdings summary.



This area provides you with details about the payments paid. For regular payment plans this includes details about when payments are due and how they are being paid. It also shows you how payments are being invested.

Regular payment plans


Lump sum plans



This area provides you with details about withdrawals that have been taken from the plan. On the left-hand side we show you up to the last 6 withdrawals taken. On the right we show you withdrawals as percentage of payments paid in a plan year.

Most recent withdrawals, and withdrawals by plan year


Protection benefits

This area provides you with details about protection benefits that apply to the plan. On LifePlan cases where there are two lives assured on a Joint Life Both Death basis you'll see the benefits split per each life assured.

Plan benefits


Valuation screens

Holdings and valuation information in more detail

This section provides you with more detailed information about the funds or other assets held by a plan. This section will also allow you to see values for a date of your choice in the past.

For guided-architecture products you will see the following style of holdings summary.


For portfolio bond plans you will see this style of holdings summary.



The snapshot valuation is based on the latest data to have run through our overnight system processes, and includes any income due and a calculation of any unrealised gains/losses. So although it is not quite as up-to-date as the live valuation, it adds an additional level of detail which we can't yet provide via the live valuation.

Transaction screens

Cash and unit movement transactions

This area provides you with all the cash transactions or units movements that have occurred on a plan within a specified date range.

For portfolio bond products you will see the following:


You will be able to download contract notes via the completed transactions tab.


For guided-architecture products you will see the following detailed unit statement:


History screens

Historical policy activity

This section simply provides you with a full history of the payments and withdrawals that have taken place on the plan. Whereas the summary screen shows the 6 most recent, you can use the history section to go right back to the start of the plan.


Client details screen

Policy owners and lives assured

Shows you the policy owner's details that we have on file.


Adviser details screen

Financial and investment advisers

Shows you who the introducing financial adviser was (if different to the current adviser), the current financial adviser attached to the plan and details of any investment adviser also set-up on the plan.


As you'll see the plan view provides a comprehensive overview of activity for every plan. Further enhancements will be coming soon