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Online switching and dealing across all of your clients plans, both new and old, has arrived. It is the fastest, most reliable and secure method to change your clients asset mix. Once you have logged onto our Online Service Centre, performing trades is only a click or two away.

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Depending on whether you currently have access to our online service centre, and then depending on the type of user you are, there will be a few forms that we need you to complete.


Simply click on the title below that best describes your current access and plan relationship, and we'll tell you what you need to do:

We have terms of business with RL360 but no access to the online service centre

My colleagues have access to the online service centre but I don't

My company has a Master Account structure in place and I am a user

My company has online access and act as an investment adviser, but want to deal online



  • No need for outdated, hard to read faxes
  • Switch current holdings into new funds
  • Redirect payments into different funds
  • Rebalance existing holdings
  • Full history of switches



  • No need for outdated, hard to read faxes
  • Thousands of funds, equities and fixed interest assets available
  • Individual buying and selling
  • Percentage led purchases using linked trades
  • FX online into numerous currencies