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Broker fund prices - as at 20 May 2024

Fund prices

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You can view the percentage growth of the funds listed below in graphical format. Simply tick the funds you wish to include from the table below and then click the create graph button at the bottom of the table to view.

Clicking on the bid or offer prices below will display the price converted into different currencies.

Historic Daily Prices

Select a date below to show fund prices since 1 February 1996.

Fund name
Bid price
Offer price
Daily change
17 May 2024
Weekly change
13 May 2024

Percentage growth chart
To compare percentage growth, please select your funds from the table above and choose a start date and end date over which to plot performance.

(NB. Please note there is a maximum of 8 funds which can be plotted at any one time.)

Important Notes

All performance is calculated on a bid to bid basis and is adjusted to the base currency of each fund.

It is important to know that the price of units in the investment funds reflects the value of the underlying assets of the funds and can go down as well as up. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Where a fund invests in overseas securities, the unit price may also rise and fall purely on account of exchange rate fluctuations. RL360 is not responsible for, and will not compensate policyholders in relation to, the performance of their underlying funds.

Investment involves risk. For further information, including details of product related charges, reference should be made to the appropriate product literature. Please contact our head office if you require copies for a specific policy.