RL360's Regular Savings Plan for Retirement, Education and the Future

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Savings for retirement

Our Regular Savings Plan is ideal for clients who aren’t retiring about retiring. People who, having looked ahead, know what they want and have decided they’d like to boost their existing pension arrangements. 


For example, a client might want to retire or partially retire before existing pension payments begin, and may need to fill the income gap. Or they may want to start their retirement in style by taking the holiday of a lifetime, or buying a special place in the sun as a retirement gift to themselves. 


Unlike a pension, our savings plan is flexible: your clients can make withdrawals at any time after the establishment period. More importantly, there is no obligation to purchase an annuity at the end of the payment term.


Saving for a university education

As your clients’ children get bigger, so can their educational outgoings. Going to university involves a higher level of costs. Tuition fees and course costs; accommodation; transportation; living costs including clothing, meals and entertainment; and perhaps some rather adventurous gap year expenses. 


And, so you can give them a personal school report with some rather stern facts and figures, visit our education fees calculator.


General saving

Some clients, with no pressing need to save, simply understand that it’s never a bad idea to accumulate wealth. Our savings plan offers them a disciplined routine which, in turn, can give them a warm glow. And, you might mention, this regular saving habit can also safeguard them against unexpected expenses such as medical bills. What’s more, our savings plan is easily portable, and so ‘relocation-proof’. 


We make it so easy for your clients to start to save. So we can all share in the satisfaction of a good job well done. 


To find out more, visit our Regular Savings Plan download section.