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Regular Savings:
Regular Savings Plan
A savings and investment plan for global investors.
Regular Savings Plan Malaysia
A savings and investment plan for Malaysian residents.
Closed to New Business as at 1 July 2019.
Quantum Malaysia
Closed to New Business as at 1 July 2019.
Closed to New Business as at 1 July 2019.
Lump sum:
Our classic lower lump sum investment plan.
Our bespoke open architecture lump sum investment plan.
Investment Platforms (Wraps)
RL360 is an experienced provider of offshore bonds.
A life assurance protection plan for International clients.

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What's new:
All of our latest articles and sales aids.
Tax Reporting:
This section explains the Automatic Exchange of Information regulations.
UK Chargeable Events
This section explains how the chargeable events regime works.
Trust & UK IHT Planning:
What is a trust?
What is a trust and how can it help your clients?
Which trust?
Use our tool to help find out which trust might be suitable for your clients.
Our trust range
Find out how RL360's trust range could help your clients.
Retirement Planning:
UK & International Pensions
Learn about some of the most popular pension schemes.
Tech Library:
Planning downloads
All our trust, tax and planning literature.