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Making better investment decisions

The world of investment choice and portfolio performance is confusing for many clients, especially when they are at the beginning of their investment journey.

Choosing the right funds to invest into, and then reviewing and changing fund choices through the investment lifecycle are key to growing portfolio value and achieving their financial objectives.

Here at RL360 we understand this and we’ve built a range of tools to support clients through the life of their portfolio.

Fund centre

Setting up a portfolio starts with our interactive Fund Centres. Powered by Morningstar, our Fund Centres are comprehensive fund research tools where you and your client can view past performance, risk indicators/ratings and key information documents on all the funds available in our regular savings, protection and investment products with defined fund ranges.

It enables you to analyse, shortlist and compare funds you are interested in. It’s also useful if you want to research funds and make changes to your portfolio in the years ahead.

We have dedicated Fund Centres for all our guided architecture products. View the full range here.

To get a full understanding of how to use the Fund Centres, click here to view Fund Centre User Guide.

Fund review

It’s important that the funds we offer continue to remain competitive and offer the right amount of choice. So we have committed to carrying out regular reviews of different sectors of funds within our ranges.

We will review current funds to check they are continuing to perform well. We also consider new funds that could be added to the range – these funds might offer something new to the range, or may be funds that have performed better than existing funds in the current range.

You can find out more about the first review here.

Watch out for regular changes to our fund ranges during the time your clients are invested with us.


During the life of a portfolio, personal circumstances and investment conditions will change. So it’s important that you regularly review how the portfolio is performing to make sure it remains on course to meet client goals.

That’s where our comprehensive x-ray portfolio scan report comes in. Entirely specific to each client’s own portfolio, it offers a detailed analysis of portfolio make-up and how it is performing. You’ll see how your money is invested by geographical region, asset class and shared underlying holdings.

This will help you and your client identify if changes are needed.

You (and your client) can get one of these reports whenever, and how often, you want. (You’ll need to be registered for our Online Service Centre – if you’re not already registered click here)

Find out more about the X-Ray portfolio scan and the products for which it is available here.


The more clients understand about a portfolio and how it works, the better equipped they will be to meet their financial goals. So we will be creating a series of guides to help them get the most out of their investment.

This will include exploring what factors to consider when creating a portfolio – for example, how long you are looking to invest for, the benefits of diversifying your portfolio and assessing your attitude to risk.

And then we’ll help clients learn how to research, compare and monitor different funds so they can have more meaningful conversations with you.