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Fund Closure - Natixis ASG Laser

The Board of Directors of the Natixis International Funds (Lux) have decided to liquidate the Natixis ASG Laser fund due to an economic rationalization. The formal closure date will be 30 November 2012.

Impacts on
these products

With immediate effect, the fund will no longer accept subscriptions but redemptions will be accepted up to the formal closure date. In order to redeem monies from the fund at the earliest opportunity, RL360 have requested an immediate redemption from the fund. To ensure policyholders remain invested at all times we have taken an immediate, default course of action, transferring all redeemed monies into a holding fund. The holding fund chosen is the Aberdeen Liquidity (Lux) fund of the same currency as the closing fund. Policyholders will now see their unit holding in the Natixis ASG Laser fund allocated to the Aberdeen Liquidity (Lux) fund, and any regular premiums received will also be redirected into this fund. 


Letters have been issued to affected policyholders or their appointed investment adviser, advising of the fund closure and our interim course of action. A copy has been sent to their servicing adviser for information. Sample letters can be viewed opposite. 


Policyholders now have the option to provide us with alternative investment instructions. Until we receive alternative instructions the unit holding from the closing fund will remain invested in the Aberdeen Liquidity (Lux) fund. Ongoing regular premiums previously allocated to invest in the closing fund will also continue to be redirected in to the Aberdeen Liquidity (Lux) fund until we're instructed otherwise.