RL360 adds funds to Quantum, Oracle and Paragon

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4 more funds added to Quantum, Oracle and Paragon

We're pleased to introduce 4 more funds to boost the Quantum, Oracle and Paragon fund ranges.

The Renaissance Pan-African fund will be added as a replacement for the Renaissance Sub-Saharan fund which has been removed from the range due to its impending 'hard' closure to subscriptions. The fund invests across the African continent – from ‘Cape to Cairo’ and offers significant exposure to the economies of Nigeria and East Africa. Launched around the same time as the Sub-Saharan fund it has experienced a similar performance pattern. 


We are also introducing 3 multi-manager funds from the Harmony Portfolio range. These multi asset strategy funds are managed by a team of experienced investment professionals at Momentum Global Investment Management Limited. Momentum are a new addition to the fund ranges which now takes the number of fund groups selected for the ranges up to 34. 


The funds are available with immediate effect to all Quantum (for policies taken out post April 2010), Oracle and Paragon policies. 


Please download the July Investment Guides for each product via the links opposite to ensure you have the most up-to-date materials when advising clients. These include the core information you need to know about each of the new fund additions. 


Fund nameCurrencyISIN
Sector: Equity – Emerging Market
Renaissance Pan-AfricanUSDLU0545678806
Sector: Global Managed
Harmony Portfolios Asian GrowthUSDLU0651984105
Harmony Portfolios Sterling GrowthGBPLU0651985847
Harmony Portfolios US Dollar GrowthUSDLU0651986738