RL360 removes funds that affect Quantum, Oracle and Paragon

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Fund removals that affect Quantum, Oracle and Paragon

With effect 4 February 2013, and following our annual fund review, 5 funds will be removed from the fund ranges.

We have just concluded our annual fund review and after in-depth analysis we have decided to remove 5 funds that no longer satisfy the requirements of the range. With effect from 4 February 2013 these funds will not be available to newly issued policies and will not be available to existing policyholders wishing to invest in the funds for the first time. 


A letter will be sent to existing clients who already hold 1 or more of the 5 funds within their policy, providing them with 3 months notice of our intention to remove them from the range. These clients can continue to invest in the funds during the next 3 months but must then make a decision regarding an alternative fund selection. 


If we have not received instructions regarding an alternative fund selection by 10 May 2013, we will automatically switch clients out of the funds being removed and into another fund within the range. Regular premiums will also be redirected. 


The table below outlines the funds we will automatically switch policyholders into on the 10 May 2013 where we have not received alternative instructions. 


FROM: Fund being closed AMCTO: Alternative fundAMC
Sector: Equity – Emerging Markets
BNP Paribas L1 Equity World Emerging USD1.75%Threadneedle Global Emerging Markets USD1.50%
Parvest Equity BRIC USD1.75%Schroder ISF BRIC USD1.50%
Sector: Equity – Single Country
Henderson China Opportunities GBP1.50%GAM Star China Equity GBP1.50%
Sector: Fixed Interest – Emerging Markets
BNP Paribas L1 Bond Best Selection World Emerging USD1.50%Aberdeen Global Select Emerging Markets Bond USD1.50%
Sector: Global Managed
SWIP Multi-Manager Diversity GBP1.25%Henderson Cautious Managed GBP1.25%


Sample letters can be viewed opposite along with the February Investment Guides, which also detail 13 new funds which have been added to the range. To read more about the new funds which have been added click here


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