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Quantum's express service

How one Financial Adviser on the other side of the world had an RL360 Quantum application accepted just 7 hours after sending it.

Imagine submitting a new Quantum regular savings application form half way round the world and having it reviewed, accepted and issued in less than 24 hours. This once unimaginable scenario is now a reality following the launch of the RL360 Quantum Online Application system. 


We are using a real-life example of a Financial Adviser working in the Far East who experienced first hand just how quick the new service can be. The story began at 12 noon BST on Thursday 19 May 2016 when the Financial Adviser registered and dialled into our free webinar about our new Quantum online application system (visit www.rl360quantum.com to register). The 40 minute webinar explained how: 


  • the online application system works
  • using the intelligent verification system helps you submit the right information first time
  • to capture and upload supporting evidence and the various permissions levels available
  • the system is flexible enough to fit all types of Financial Adviser structures.


The Adviser was impressed and at the end of the webinar asked to be set up to use online applications (they were already registered to use the RL360 Online Service Centre). 


By 2pm BST the Adviser was set up. 


On Friday 20 May:


At 5am BST.

The Adviser inputs and securely submits their first online Quantum application.


By 12 noon BST.

The application has been checked and processed by RL360’s New Business team, it has no outstanding requirements and is therefore approved for issue. The new policyholder receives a Welcome email.



The policy is issued in the normal overnight batch run. The client is sent an Online Account Activation email – which allows them to view all their policy documents online.


2 hours.

Time taken to train and get a Financial Adviser set up to use Online Applications.


7 hours.

The gap between the Quantum application being submitted and being accepted.


Under 24 hours.

Time taken to issue the policy from when first submitted.



Number of miles between the Financial Adviser’s location and RL360s head office.



Paperwork, postage or courier costs. To review the RL360 Quantum express service yourself, visit www.rl360quantum.com today.