Info for advisers receiving RL360 commission/fee statements

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Info for advisers receiving RL360 commission/fee statements

We’re in the process of moving your access to commission and fee statements completely online.

We’ve now reached a milestone in this process.


If you’re an adviser who already receives these statements, you can now access weekly data download files (CSV format) on the RL360 Online Service Centre (OSC). These contain all of the information you currently receive on your statements. This file will be accessible from 12 noon (GMT) on the day your statements are currently produced and you will then have access to them whenever you want.*


This means you now have instant access to your statements and can upload the data from the CSV file to your own system.


For network agencies, all network head users have been granted access to CSV statements automatically.


For standalone agencies, all master users have been granted access to CSV statements automatically.


If you’re not already signed up to the OSC with the correct permissions, it is therefore important for you to sign up now.


For now, as well as having access to the CSV, you will continue to receive your emailed/posted statements as usual. However, in early 2020, we will be making the commission statements available on the OSC only. We will no longer email/post this statement to you. Fee statements will continue to be emailed/posted until these are also published on the OSC later in 2020.


If you would like to stop receiving your emailed or posted statements now the CSV version is available, please contact


We will send out further information and reminders about the next stages in this process as they approach.


The OSC is safe and secure and offers 24/7 access. Network head users and master users (as described above) can tailor the level of access others in their organisation can have. This includes whether or not to grant access to the CSV files to other users.


Sign up to the OSC here.


*Some of our older legacy products are not available through this system and you will continue to receive statements as you do currently for these products.