RL360 commemorates 25 years sponsoring Youth Cycling League

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RL360 commemorates 25 years sponsoring the Isle of Man Youth Cycling League

Since 1994, RL360 has sponsored the Isle of Man Youth Cycling League. It’s been an amazing journey over the years which has seen the League grow extensively and inspire thousands of children to take up the sport of cycling.

A quarter of a century later, this grass-roots initiative continues to expand its ranks year-on-year and in honour of their special partnership, RL360 and the IoM Youth Cycling League’s Dot Tilbury came together to host a special day of celebration and nostalgia.


Commenting on the decision to mark this milestone, Dot Tilbury said, “It was the perfect way to commemorate a glorious 25 years. We are hugely grateful and proud of our sponsorship with RL360, whose support has been integral in the amazing achievements of our young Manx cyclists. On behalf of the Team, we thank RL360 very much.”


The youth focused inspirational event was held in Bikestyle / Noa Bakehouse, and for the 60 members of the League who attended (both past and present), it was a chance to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate past achievements. But more importantly, it was an opportunity to encourage the younger generation to aspire to a career at the forefront of world cycling.


Making a special guest appearance was Tim Buckle; a professional cyclist who went on to represent Great Britain and England at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games in the early 2000’s. Tim spoke to the young cyclists about the importance of finding what truly motivates them and told them to challenge their expectations of what they can achieve.


Tim Buckle proved to be the highlight of the evening, and commenting on his invitation to speak, he quipped: “I just want to say again thanks for having me - it was very flattering to be asked by Dot because I know that if she values you, you must be doing something OK!” He added, “I’d like to thank RL360 and Dot for the incredible support they’ve given to bike racing over the last 25 years - even with the added difficulties of living in the middle of the sea! It’s rare to find someone with the energy, values and knowledge to help lift young people into the world of bike racing - and it’s rarer still to find a faithful and enthusiastic patron to facilitate this work. And if my hour and a bit presentation has put another tool in the tool boxes of the young (and old) people who attended, then all the better!”


Speaking about the event, RL360’s Director of Marketing, Simon Barwell, said: “We’re incredibly proud to support the growth and success of cycling on the Isle of Man, and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the IoM Youth Cycling League. We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards making this evening happen and, to all of our attendees, we thank you for your support and we wish you every success for the future.”


For more information on Tim’s presentation and his insights, please see https://chimpmanagement.com.