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Product fund centres updated

Our individual product fund centres have now been updated so that performance is shown in a fund's base currency, with new rebasing options available.

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A quick recap

These fund centres are designed to give you fast, straightforward access to all the basic fund details you need whilst on the move. You are able to filter by ISIN, Citicode, or simply by fund name. You can also filter by FE sector. There are a range of downloadable documents available for each fund including a RL360 branded factsheet, manager factsheet, prospectus and KIID where applicable.


What is new?

Previously when accessing the cumulative, annualised or discrete performance tabs, you would see performance for each fund rebased into Pounds Sterling (GBP). This meant that in many cases you would see a significant difference between the fund factsheets, which display the performance in fund currency, versus the table data. 


From 6 June 2014 this is no longer the case, and the cumulative, annualised and discrete performance tabs will now show you performance in the relevant funds' currency. 


This change also impacts on the fund charting tool. Instead of plotting the graph using prices rebased in GBP, all funds and sectors added will be charted in their relevant currency. A new 'Currency' tab on the chart will allow you to choose an alternative currency to rebase into, if you need to.


Don't forget you still need to log-in for

Open architecture fund research 

The 'cut down' fund centres are specifically for the guided-architecture ranges. Given the number of funds available to PIMS Focused and Flexible, you still need to log in for these. The password protected Fund Centre is also a great place to do general research, with more than 75,000 funds available. 


Fund shortlisting 

Allows you to create your own fund lists and save them, ready to use the next time you log in. 


Multiple factsheet downloads 

Allows you to download more than one PDF factsheet in one go. 


Portfolio Scan 

You can create a professional, client facing, report which details how a portfolio of funds has performed. It provides an ‘x-ray’ of all funds selected for the report, summarising the top 10 holdings, and any crossover in those holdings within the portfolio. It also provides a breakdown showing the portfolio’s exposure by asset, sector and region and various performance returns – cumulative, annualised and discrete. 


Export data to CSV 

Allows you to export a selection of data into a CSV file which can then be saved into Excel format.