JPMorgan Eastern Europe Equity Fund Name/Objective Change

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Name and Objective Change - JPMorgan Eastern Europe Equity Fund

Effective 30 September 2015, JPMorgan will make changes to the name, objective and investment policy of their JPMorgan Eastern Europe Equity Fund.

Impacts on
these products

The changes

The name of the fund will be changed to JPMorgan Emerging Europe Equity Fund and the investment objective and policy will be clarified to better reflect the funds current investment universe. The annual management charge of 1.50% remains unchanged. Full details of the changes can be viewed in the JPMorgan shareholder notification opposite.


The ISIN codes for the fund

For our Oracle, Paragon and Quantum guided fund ranges this is LU0210529144. Other share classes of the fund which are available to PIMS policies can be found in the Fund ISIN codes document opposite.


Alternative fund choice

We have written to Oracle, Paragon and Quantum policyholders to notify them of the changes and their options. Where there is an appointed investment adviser on the policy, the investment adviser will receive this correspondence instead. Samples of these letters can be viewed opposite. Servicing advisers will receive a copy of the letter for their records.


Investors do not need to do anything if they are comfortable with the changes.


However, should they wish to switch their investment into an alternative fund from the range available to their policy they can do so at any time, free of any switch charge.