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RL360 Protected Lifestyle - Internal Fund Range

Internal Fund Range

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RL360 MULTI-ASSET PORTFOLIOS (collectively "the MAP Funds")


Launched on 21 September 2018 to replace the Capital Protected Funds, our internal MAP Funds are a series of 16 multi-asset portfolios. Structured as a fund of funds, each portfolio links to a number of underlying funds investing in cash, fixed income and equities. 


The combination of underlying funds in differing percentages attempts to marry steady growth with limited volatility. And whilst there are no performance guarantees, the series 1 funds hold a large proportion in cash funds to suit the more cautious investor.


What the multi-asset portfolios offer...


There's 16 portfolios to choose from; 4 with a Global focus in GBP and 4 in USD, 4 with a UK focus in GBP and 4 with a US focus in USD.


The expertise of multiple fund managers

As each portfolio links to 3 underlying external funds, investors get the combined expertise of multiple managers, rather than just one.


Daily access

All funds are daily priced and daily traded giving your clients freedom to change their selection at any time instead of being locked into a 3 month cycle.


Risk vs reward

The portfolios are numbered from 1 through to 4; series 1 holds 45% in cash funds whilst series 4 holds just 12.5%, so depending on your client's attitude to risk they choose the best one for their needs.


Investment materials

There's our Fund Guides, Factsheets and a Performance Bulletin which contain the portfolios, all updated regularly to provide you and your client with up to date details of the options available and how they are performing. And don't forget the interactive fund centre for more in-depth analysis and daily monitoring of performance of all the funds available to Protected Lifestyle.



Your clients can hold a combination of both the internal and external funds available to Protected Lifestyle, including any mix of currency, even if this is a different currency to their plan. Where this option is taken, exchange rates will apply to value the funds in their plan currency.


Fund charges

Although each underlying fund is subject to its own charges, the total overall annual charge for the portfolio (including the underlying fund charge) will not exceed 1.25%. There is no bid/offer spread applied for premium payments or switches between the portfolio funds. You can download either the stand alone MAP Fund Guide or the Protection Fund Guide (which includes both the internal and external funds) for the latest information about the available range.