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'A' share class closure of Kames funds - including Ethical Equity and Ethical Cautious Managed - Published: 25 Mar 2020

Kames Capital plc will close a number of its ‘A’ share classes on 24 April 2020. This includes the Ethical Equity and Ethical Cautious Managed funds which feature in our defined fund ranges.

Investec Asset Management to rebrand as Ninety One - Published: 27 Feb 2020

Investec Asset Management has advised its new name and branding following its demerger from the Investec Group. The changes will take place during the first quarter of 2020.

January 2020 sector review - Our defined fund ranges just got even better - Published: 21 Jan 2020

The second stage of a review of our defined fund ranges has been completed and the results are in. Further enhancements have been made to help you achieve your clients’ investment goals. Impacts products: Oracle, Paragon, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle, Regular Savings Plan and Quantum (including Malaysia variants).

Change to investment policy – Fidelity Funds - Published: 14 Nov 2019

Fidelity has announced a change to the investment policies of its range of unit trusts which took effect from 31 October 2019.

October 2019 sector review - Our defined fund ranges just got better - Published: 15 Oct 2019

Selecting the right funds for your client's plans is just as important to us as it is to you. After all, we both want our clients to achieve their investment goals. That’s why we’ve just completed a fund review of some of the investment sectors in our defined fund ranges and the results are in. Impacts products: Oracle, Paragon, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle, Regular Savings Plan and Quantum (including Malaysia variants).

Various changes - Fidelity Investment Funds - Published: 09 Sep 2019

Fidelity has made a number of changes to its Fidelity Investment Fund ranges to make it easier for investors to understand how the funds are managed. The N share classes have also been renamed to W. The changes took effect 30 August 2019.

Proposed liquidation - Amundi Islamic Funds - Published: 03 Sep 2019

Amundi Funds has announced its intention to liquidate its Islamic BRIC Quant, Islamic Global Resources and Islamic Asia Pacific Quant funds due to their relatively small assets under management. An EGM of shareholders will take place on 4 September 2019, upon which the resolution to dissolve the funds will be decided. We have taken pre-emptive action ahead of the EGM for plan owners affected by this corporate action.

Fund name changes – GAM Star funds - Published: 15 Aug 2019

GAM Investments ("GAM") has announced name changes to funds across its range which will take effect from 6 September 2019.

Change to investment policy - Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Managed Fund - Published: 07 Aug 2019

Janus Henderson has announced a change to the investment policy of its Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Managed Fund which will take effect from 7 August 2019.

Various prospectus changes - Kames Capital funds - Published: 09 Jul 2019

Kames Capital will be making prospectus changes for their funds, some of which will be effective 7 August 2019 and some 7 September 2019. There will also be some investment policy changes which affect some of our guided-architecture products.

Fund objective and name changes - Aberdeen Standard Investments UK funds - Published: 08 Jul 2019

Effective 7 August 2019, Aberdeen Standard Investments will be making changes to the objectives of some of its funds to provide clarity on how they are managed. At the same time it will be changing the names of the majority of its UK funds generally to include the ASI prefix at the beginning of each UK fund name in place of "Aberdeen" or "Standard Life Investments".

Fund closure - Threadneedle Absolute Return Bond Fund - Published: 06 Jun 2019

Columbia Threadneedle has announced its intention to close its Threadneedle Absolute Return Bond Fund with effect from 26 July 2019.

Change of brand - Invesco Perpetual - Published: 17 Sep 2018

Invesco Perpetual will move to a unified brand across the globe - Invesco - with effect 1 October 2018. This will affect its UK ICVC range, which will see the removal of 'Perpetual' from fund names and branding. ISINs and Sedols will remain unchanged. This impacts our guided-architecture products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, Quantum Malaysia, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle, Preference and Kudos.

Fund mergers - Invesco Irish domicile to Luxembourg domicile - Published: 11 Sep 2018

In order to streamline its UCITS range of funds, during September and October 2018 Invesco will merge a number of Irish domicile funds into its Luxembourg range, then close down the Irish funds. The mergers affect our guided architecture products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, Quantum Malaysia, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle, Preference and Kudos.

Fund Launch - RL360 Multi-Asset Portfolios - Published: 10 Aug 2018

On 21 September 2018, we will be launching a range of 16 multi-asset portfolios as a replacement for the RL360 Capital Protected fund range.

Clarification of the investment objective and policy - MFS Meridian Global Total Return Fund - Published: 04 Jul 2018

With effect from 1 August 2018, MFS Meridian are clarifying the investment objective and policy of their Global Total Return fund.

Fund closures - RL360 Capital Protected GBP and USD Funds - Published: 25 Jun 2018

The remaining GBP and USD Capital Protected Funds will close on 21 September 2018. Policyholders have been written to notifying them of the closures. A follow up letter will be sent in August with further details of the funds they will be switched into upon closure. The closures affect a number of products originally sold under our Scottish Life International brand.

Changes to investment policies and ongoing charges - Fidelity Multi Asset fund range - Published: 12 Jun 2018

Effective 20 June 2018, Fidelity Investments International have advised that they are changing the investment policies for the Multi Asset fund range in order to benefit from underlying investments in a wider range of asset classes and investment styles. These changes will result in an increase to ongoing charges.

Fund merger - M&G Global Leaders Fund - Published: 27 Apr 2018

Due to the impending departure of the manager of the M&G Global Leaders Fund, the fund will merge into their M&G Global Themes Fund on 25 May 2018. Click here to see how the merger impacts policyholders and the action RL360 will be taking.

Change of Name, Investment Objective and Policy - Schroder ISF Asian Bond Absolute Return Fund - Published: 27 Feb 2018

Schroders will be changing the strategy of the fund from absolute return to total return meaning a change to the funds' name and investment objective and policy. Changes are effective from 1 March 2018.

Fund Name Changes - Henderson and Janus Global Fund Ranges - Published: 20 Oct 2017

As a result of the recent merger of fund management companies Henderson and Janus, with effect from 15 December 2017 fund names will be updated with the new pre-fix “Janus Henderson”. This will encompass funds under the following umbrella structures; Henderson OEIC, Henderson Horizon Fund, Henderson Gartmore Fund and Janus Capital Funds.

Fund Closure - Templeton Shariah Asian Growth Fund - Published: 13 Oct 2017

Due to its small fund size, Franklin Templeton have announced the closure of the Templeton Shariah Asian Growth Fund on 12 December 2017. Affected policyholders have been written to regarding the action we will be taking ahead of the closure date.

Objective Change - Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic Fund - Published: 06 Mar 2017

With effect from 15 February 2017 Investment objective is revised to provide further clarity about how the Investment Manager invests.

Name Change - Sarasin will change names on some of their funds - Published: 07 Sep 2016

Sarasin has informed us they will be changing the name to several of their funds effective 28th of November 2016. The funds included in these changes that can be found within our product range are Equisar Global Thematic Fund and also their Food & Agriculture Opportunities Fund.

Investment Policy Changes - Kames Ethical Corporate Bond Fund - Published: 04 Aug 2016

Kames Capital has informed us that it is making several changes to the Investment Policy of the fund and its corresponding prospectus that will come into effect on 1 October 2016.

Investment Policy Change - Pictet Asset Management various funds - Published: 16 Mar 2016

Effective 16 March 2016 Pictet has changed the investment policy for several of its funds including: Pictet Emerging local currency Debt, Pictet Timber, Pictet Premium Brands, Pictet Water and Pictet Asian local Currency Debt.

Fund Merger - Pictet Asset Management - Published: 07 Mar 2016

Effective 30 March 2016 Pictet Asset Management will merge their Absolute Return Global Diversified Fund with their Multi Asset Opportunities Fund. The Board of Directors of the Fund believe this to be in shareholders' best interests.

New Fund Links - Protected Lifestyle - Published: 25 Feb 2016

We've just completed our annual fund review of Protected Lifestyle’s external fund options. We've added 13 new core funds and introduced 3 new fund groups to the range. Click through to see the full story.

Fund Closures - RL360 Euro Capital Protected Fund Range - Published: 14 Oct 2015

We will be closing the remaining Euro Capital Protected Funds on 11 December 2015. The closures affect legacy products that have access the Euro RL360 Capital Protected Funds. Affected policyholders have been written to. Click on this story for the full details and to view a sample of the letter.

Change of Index - BNP Paribas Islamic Equity Optimiser Fund - Published: 18 Aug 2015

Effective 14 September 2015, the fund will change index to the “Dow Jones Islamic Market Developed Markets Top Cap Index”, amending its stock selection methodology in line with this. The change affects our guided architecture products: LifePlan, Oracle, Paragon, Quantum & Protected Lifestyle. Policyholders have been written to. Click on this story for more details.

Portfolio Holdings Change - BNY Mellon Global Equity Fund - Published: 13 Mar 2015

Following a review, BNY Mellon will be making a small amendment to the number of holdings held within the fund. The fund will move to a more concentrated portfolio of around 60-90 holdings. This impacts the following guided-architecture products: Kudos, LifePlan, Preference, Prosper and Protected Lifestyle. Click on this story for full details.

Fund Rationalisation - RL360 Capital Protected Funds - Published: 24 Dec 2013

Following a review we will be closing a number of our internal Capital Protected Funds in March 2014. The closures affect policies that can access the RL360 Capital Protected Funds. Affected policyholders have been written to. Click on this story for the full details and to view sample letters.