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Questions and Answers

We realise that time can be in short supply, especially when you're on the road conducting client meetings. So we have pulled together this list of frequently asked questions to help provide you with the answers you need as quickly as possible.

Changing the policy

Q Can the policy currency be changed once the policy has been issued?

A No. The policy currency must remain the same as the currency selected at application stage.

Payment methods

Q My client would like to pay their premiums by credit card. Are there any additional charges for paying by this method?

A No. Unlike some life companies who charge an additional 1% per each premium paid, we apply NO additional charges for paying by credit card.


Q Can my client reduce their premiums during the initial allocation period?

A Yes. Policyholders can opt to reduce their premiums down to 50% of their original premium amount.

Q Can my client have more than 1 premium holiday during the lifetime of their policy?

A Yes. Policyholders may take a premium holiday for up to 2 years at a time and they can also take more than one during the premium payment term. For further information please refer to the Paragon Key Features.

Q What happens if my client is late paying a premium?

A We will usually allow 30 days of grace from the premium due date at our discretion.

Q What is the minimum premium term a Paragon policy can have?

A 5 years.

Loyalty bonuses

Q When can my client expect to see bonuses being added their Paragon policy?

A Bonuses depend on the policyholders premium payment term.

Premium term
Starting policy anniversary
5-7 years 2
8-11 years 3
12-15 years 4
16-19 years 5
20-23 years 6
24-25 years 7

Additional bonuses of 7% of the fund value can also be applied in certain years as long as the policy is already receiving the regular loyalty bonus units.


Q What charges can my client expect to see?

A All Paragon policies will incur the following charges:

  • Establishment charge
  • Premium charge
  • Policy fee
  • Contract charge

For further information please refer to the Paragon Key Features.

Q How is the establishment charge taken from Paragon?

A During the first 4 years of any Paragon policy, all premiums received are split into initial and accumulation units, this first 4 years is called the initial allocation period. A percentage of the initial units are taken to pay for the establishment charge on an annual basis. After the 4th policy anniversary all premiums received will be placed into accumulation units only.


Q Can my client hold assets such as stocks, shares, cash deposits and structured products within their policy?

A No. Your client can only access the funds available in the Paragon fund range. For further details please refer to the Savings and Investment Fund Guide.

Q What charges are applied to the underlying funds that my clients can invest in?

A The fund range provides your clients access to direct funds without any initial charges or bid/offer spreads. Some competitor offerings still apply initial charges up to 2% of each premium paid. In addition, because clients invest directly into their selected funds, rather than via internal mirror funds which some life companies offer, there are no additional mirror fund charges that could dilute the underlying fund performance - all our charges are taken through Paragon. The only fund charge applied is the underlying annual management charge of the direct fund itself.


Q Can my client take a withdrawal during the initial allocation period?

A No. Withdrawals cannot be taken during the first 4 years of any Paragon policy.

Online services

Q Is it possible to instruct fund switches online?

A Yes. You can instruct switches online as long as you are registered for our Online Service Centre and have the necessary dealing authority. Read more about our online excellence here.