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Paragon: a long-term investment worthy of the name

Paragon is well-suited to clients who naturally think ahead, and for whom long-term financial stability is a priority. They are likely to be well matched to Paragon’s generous bonus structure, and extra allocations – while you know that free fund switching adds vital investment flexibility.

Paragon has primarily front-loaded charges. This means that while this product may not shine at the five year projection mark, it’s designed to outperform the competition over the longer term as its rolling bonus structure rewards loyalty. This is why Paragon is better suited to more sophisticated investors, who are making plans 10 or more years ahead. It’s also suitable for expats who may return to the UK. Here are the main points:

Tailored for the long-term...

Highly affordable, with low entry premiums

Your clients can start saving with as little as USD 200 a month (they can always increase this later).

Choose from three policy currencies

Your clients can choose from three of the worlds most prevalent currencies - Pounds Sterling, Euro and US Dollars.

A true long-term focus

Designed to outperform from the 10-year mark and beyond.

With enhancement potential on day 1 and beyond...

Extra allocation

Most premiums receive extra allocation - this can be as much as an additional 7% on each premium paid.

Prime bonuses

The bonus structure is one of the most generous in the market - policyholders can expect bonuses of up to 8% in selected years. (The premium payment term determines when the annual bonuses of 1% and the additional bonuses of 7% begin).

And adaptability throughout...

Excellent fund choice

Your clients can select from more than 350 funds from world-leading fund managers, on fully discounted terms – and these are direct investment funds, not mirror funds.

Free and simple switching

We don’t charge to change funds, so your clients can switch between sectors and themes as frequently as they decide. And they won’t pay any initial charges from the fund manager, either. This can even be done online.

Flexible and accessible

In addition to variable contributions and the option to make additional single premiums, your clients can also choose to take regular or ad-hoc withdrawals, and have more than one premium holiday.

Easy monitoring means extra reassurance for your clients

If they wish, your clients can view the progress of their Paragon policies online, simply and at no cost, just by activating their Online Service Centre account.