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EIF (Experienced Investor Fund)
Also known as Sophisticated Investor Fund, Professional Investor Fund, Qualified Investor Fund, and Specialist Investor Fund. This type of investment fund requires the investor to be sufficiently experienced to understand the risks associated with an investment into such a fund. The investor is usually required to complete and sign a declaration provided by the fund manager to document why they are considered experienced or qualified to invest.

Enhanced allocation rate
Where part of a financial adviser's commission allowance has been given up to boost the amount of premium invested.

A deceased person's assets.

The largest settlement system for domestic and international securities transactions, covering bonds, equities and investment funds. Established in 1968, Euroclear provides securities services to financial institutions located in more than 90 countries.

Events or risks that the policy does not cover.

Person or a company appointed by a person to carry out the terms of their will following their death.