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RL360 Kudos - Fund updates

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Change to investment policy - Invesco Global High Income Fund - Published: 19 Dec 2019

Invesco has announced a change to the investment policy of its Invesco Global High Income Fund which will take effect from 27 January 2020.

Fund removals that affect Kudos - Published: 26 Nov 2019

Following a review, RL360 are removing two funds from the Kudos range.

Various changes - Fidelity Investment Funds - Published: 09 Sep 2019

Fidelity has made a number of changes to its Fidelity Investment Fund ranges to make it easier for investors to understand how the funds are managed. The N share classes have also been renamed to W. The changes took effect 30 August 2019.

Fund name changes – Newton Oriental Fund and Newton UK Income Fund - Published: 03 Jun 2019

With effect from 10 June 2019 the Newton Oriental Fund and the Newton UK Income Fund will undergo a name change following internal rebranding at BNY Mellon after their historic acquisition of Newton in 1998.

Clarification of investment objective - M&G Recovery fund - Published: 04 Feb 2019

Effective 1 March 2019, the investment objective and policy of the M&G Recovery fund will be changed in order to provide clarification.

Fund mergers - Fidelity Multi Asset funds - Published: 21 Jan 2019

Fidelity has advised of their intention to merge the assets of the Fidelity Multi Asset Defensive, Strategic and Growth funds and the Fidelity Wealthbuilder fund into equivalent funds in the Fidelity Multi Asset Open fund range, effective in three tranches in February and March 2019.

Change of fund name and investment objective - Invesco Euro Reserve Fund - Published: 14 Nov 2018

Effective 6 December 2018, Invesco have advised that they are changing the name of the fund to Invesco Euro Ultra-Short Debt Fund and changing the investment objective accordingly.

Fund mergers and share class transfers - Columbia Threadneedle UK domiciled funds - Published: 26 Oct 2018

Between September and December 2018 Columbia Threadneedle will be transferring EU customer assets from its UK fund range to its Luxembourg fund range. This is to ensure that its EU-based investors remain invested in funds that have a UCITS status, because Columbia Threadneedle believe it is likely that when the UK leaves the European Union UK domiciled funds will lose this status.

Fund name changes – Old Mutual Global Investors funds - Published: 10 Oct 2018

With effect from 1 October 2018 all Old Mutual Global Investor (“OMGI”) funds will undergo a name change following a private equity firm backed management buyout in June 2018. OMGI funds will be known as Merian Global Investors funds going forward.

Change of brand - Invesco Perpetual - Published: 17 Sep 2018

Invesco Perpetual will move to a unified brand across the globe - Invesco - with effect 1 October 2018. This will affect its UK ICVC range, which will see the removal of 'Perpetual' from fund names and branding. ISINs and Sedols will remain unchanged. This impacts our guided-architecture products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, Quantum Malaysia, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle, Preference and Kudos.

Fund mergers - Invesco Irish domicile to Luxembourg domicile - Published: 11 Sep 2018

In order to streamline its UCITS range of funds, during September and October 2018 Invesco will merge a number of Irish domicile funds into its Luxembourg range, then close down the Irish funds. The mergers affect our guided architecture products Oracle, Paragon, Quantum, Quantum Malaysia, LifePlan, Protected Lifestyle, Preference and Kudos.

Changes to investment policies - Schroder ISF China Opportunities & Schroder ISF Emerging Asia - Published: 21 Jun 2018

With effect from 6 July 2018, the investment policies of the Schroder ISF China Opportunities and Schroder ISF Emerging Asia funds will be amended.

Changes to investment policies and ongoing charges - Fidelity Multi Asset fund range - Published: 12 Jun 2018

Effective 20 June 2018, Fidelity Investments International have advised that they are changing the investment policies for the Multi Asset fund range in order to benefit from underlying investments in a wider range of asset classes and investment styles. These changes will result in an increase to ongoing charges.

Change of Name, Investment Objective and Policy - Schroder ISF Asian Bond Absolute Return Fund - Published: 27 Feb 2018

Schroders will be changing the strategy of the fund from absolute return to total return meaning a change to the funds' name and investment objective and policy. Changes are effective from 1 March 2018.

Fund Name Changes - Henderson and Janus Global Fund Ranges - Published: 20 Oct 2017

As a result of the recent merger of fund management companies Henderson and Janus, with effect from 15 December 2017 fund names will be updated with the new pre-fix “Janus Henderson”. This will encompass funds under the following umbrella structures; Henderson OEIC, Henderson Horizon Fund, Henderson Gartmore Fund and Janus Capital Funds.

Dealing Resumption - Henderson UK Property Fund - Published: 27 Sep 2016

We have received a notification from Henderson Global Investors informing us that with effect from 12 noon on 14 October 2016, all dealing activity in the Henderson UK Property fund will resume as the suspension will be lifted.

Fund Suspension - Henderson UK Property Fund - Published: 28 Jul 2016

Henderson Global Investors have informed us that with effect from 12 noon on 5 July 2016, all dealing activity in the Henderson UK Property Fund has been suspended until further notice.

Name and Objective Change - Fidelity South East Asia Fund - Published: 18 Feb 2016

Effective 23 March 2016, the fund will change name to the Fidelity - Asia Focus Fund and amend its objective to reflect this. This affects our products: Oracle, Paragon, Quantum and Kudos. Policyholders have been written to. Click on this story for more details.

Fund Name Changes - from First State to Stewart Investors - Published: 02 Dec 2015

First State Investments has changed the structure of the First State Stewart (FSS) investment management team. These changes will split the FSS into two teams; one primarily based in Hong Kong and the other in Edinburgh. The changes mean some of the First State funds have changed name to Stewart Investors. The changes affect our guided-architecture product Kudos.

Investment Policy Changes - Schroder ISF Emerging Asia Fund - Published: 01 Oct 2015

Schroders are clarifying the investment objective and policy of the fund in order to provide investors with greater transparency on the fund’s investment strategy. The changes impacts the following closed product: Kudos. Click on this story for full details.

Portfolio Holdings Change - BNY Mellon Global Equity Fund - Published: 13 Mar 2015

Following a review, BNY Mellon will be making a small amendment to the number of holdings held within the fund. The fund will move to a more concentrated portfolio of around 60-90 holdings. This impacts the following guided-architecture products: Kudos, LifePlan, Preference, Prosper and Protected Lifestyle. Click on this story for full details.

Fund Merger - Blackrock UK Dynamic Fund - Published: 11 Oct 2013

Blackrock have merged their Blackrock UK Dynamic fund into the Blackrock UK fund. The merger affects the following closed product: Kudos. Policyholders have been written to about the merger. Click on this story for the full details and to view sample policyholder letters.

Fund merger - JPM US Dynamic Fund - Published: 24 Apr 2013

On 31 May 2013 the JPM US Dynamic fund will merge with the JPM US Dynamic 130/30 fund. As a result, the merged funds will be re-named the JPMorgan US Equity Plus Fund. This merger will affect the following products: Kudos and PIMS. Click on this story for further details.

Fund Closure – Invesco Sterling Reserve - Published: 03 May 2012

The board of directors of Invesco Global Asset Management Limited have decided to close their Invesco Sterling Reserve Fund on 10 July 2012. As the size of the fund has reduced to a level significantly below the threshold set out in the fund prospectus they feel that it is no longer viable, or in the best interests of shareholders, to continue running the fund. The change affects the following guided-architecture products: Preference and Kudos. Affected policyholders have been written to.

Change of Objective - Schroder ISF Asian Bond Absolute Return Fund - Published: 21 Mar 2012

The board of directors of the Schroder International Selection Fund has decided to amend the investment objective and to change the methodology for calculating the global risk exposure of the Schroder ISF Asian Bond Absolute Return Fund with effect from 2 April 2012. The changes affect the following guided-architecture products: Preference, Kudos, Prosper, Quantum, Paragon, Oracle, LifePlan. Affected policyholders have been written to to notify them of the changes.